Let The Light In With Polished Concrete

Concrete floor polishing has a long, long list of benefits. We all know that concrete floors are highly durable, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and striking to look at. But one of the lesser talked-about benefits of polished concrete floors in Auckland homes and businesses is the way they reflect light.  Thanks to their gloss and sheen, lighter coloured polished floors have reflective qualities that can actually amplify any natural light that comes into an interior space during the day and reduce the need for artificial light at night.

Because of this, polished concrete floors, which are already a low-cost flooring option, become even more cost-efficient. Why turn on all the lights when the floors are doing a great job of reflecting natural light anyway? Minimal lighting is required, especially in comparison to rooms with carpeted or hardwood floors. Add in a concrete floor’s thermal mass, which cools a home in summer and warms a home in winter, and you have a flooring surface that lowers power bills in more ways than one.

When natural light is reflected through a room, the effect is just that: natural. Many of our clients have expressed their delight at the way the whole interior space has a brighter feel about it; one that is based on sunlight rather than harsh artificial lighting. It radically changes the look and feel of a room, and boosts the mood of everyone living and working in the space. This is no pie in the sky. Studies show that natural light promotes a more productive and positive workplace than one illuminated by artificial lighting. With that in mind, there is no better way to reflect natural light than polished concrete floors. 

The high levels of light reflectivity associated with polished concrete floors in NZ is yet another reason why this type of floor is so beneficial, be it in a residential, commercial or industrial setting. The reflectivity is affected by the colour of the floor and the degree to which it is polished, so it is something you can control to a certain extent. But for this feature to work to maximum effect, you need experts to work with you. People like us. We’re highly experienced, we have the right equipment, and we know what we’re doing. If you’re thinking about concrete polishing in Auckland, contact us and let the light in!   

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