Renovate your home with immaculate polished concrete flooring

Let’s be honest, lockdowns are tough. Stuck at home with nowhere to go, growing tired of being surrounded by the same four walls. You look around your house and it gets you thinking about those home renovations you dreamed of but never acted on. Maybe you never really had time to plan or simply didn’t know where to start. Perhaps you don’t have enough savings to do the complete renovation, so have to just pick one aspect of your home. No matter which of the aforementioned categories you fall into, we have three words for you. Polished concrete flooring.

Making the biggest impact with the minimal deliberation, converting your tired old flooring into concrete flooring is the best way to create an immaculate and durable flow throughout your residence. Family owned and operated, Concrete Grind and Polish have built a reputation over 25 years of producing “Premium Diamond Polished Concrete Floors” of outstanding  quality. 

Highly-skilled staff, paired with innovative technology, help produce flooring that outperforms the older polyurethane coating systems, and with renovations, hiring services you can trust is half the battle. Elegance comes as standard when transforming your flooring with us. Rather than dull carpets or laminate floors, our concrete polishing enhances your decor as well as the natural and artificial light that enters your home. This creates a balanced and effortless ambience that can’t quite be achieved any other way. 

Polished concrete suits all areas of your home, adding a luxurious feel to any room. Operating in Greater Auckland areas, we’re here to help you achieve your dream home with a renovation like no other. Have any questions? Call us today and speak to an expert to discuss your plans. When our showroom reopens following alert level advice, you can view a range of samples and discuss what solution may best fit your needs. Our expert team can help you to understand the options and the concrete grinding process.

To get the best out of your floor call before you pour!
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