Thinking Of Tile Floors? Think Of Us First

Tile floors are a traditional flooring surface in Kiwi homes but we think concrete is better. Of course, we might be biased given that concrete polishing is what we do for both residential and commercial properties. However, bear with us and you’ll see some very good reasons why polished concrete floors in NZ are a superior surface to tiles and anything else for that matter.

If you’re building or renovating and considering a tiled flooring surface, then you’ll want to have plenty of time on your hands. A solid foundation e.g. a concrete slab, is essential for tiles, while the actual tiling itself is time-consuming and laborious, with plenty of expensive labour costs involved. On the other hand, the process of completing polished concrete floors is much less time and labour intensive.

Another thing to be wary of with tiles is the age-old problem of keeping the grout free of mould, dirt and stains. It’s virtually impossible to do, even in the best-kept homes. All grout will become discoloured over time and can sometimes crack and need replacing. This can bring down the appearance of the whole floor, and it will look dirty even when it’s just been cleaned. Again, polished concrete floors are superior in this respect. They’re a single, solid and flat surface that doesn’t require grout, making them very easy to clean, and they’ll stay looking that way. 

Another reason why polished concrete floors in New Zealand homes and businesses are finding favour is they’re hardwearing and durable, and as such, they need little maintenance. For all their durability and toughness, they’re remarkably beautiful to look at and become a feature in any property they’re installed into. On the other side of the coin, broken tiles are pretty much a fact of life when it comes to flooring. Whether you drop something onto them, if there’s heavy foot traffic, or if time and movement do damage, tiles can crack or lift. Broken tiles can be replaced, but it’s not always easy to obtain matching ones; the cheapest tiles are usually end-of-line products and new ones are no longer manufactured. This could mean a single tile replacement might actually involve multiple tiles. 

As one final comparison, polished concrete is a more versatile material than tiles. We’re talking about colour, stone selection, the extent to which the surface is polished, and even where it is located e.g. concrete floors can extend from indoors to outdoors where it can be used in entertainment areas, by the pool, and on driveways and pathways, for a seamless and desirable internal/external effect. 

So, if you’re considering tile floors, you might want to contact us before you make any decision. We’re happy to further discuss the many ways that polished concrete floors are a superior surface.  

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