The Magic Of Mega Floor

Mega Floor is a New Zealand designed and developed diamond polished floor finish. It brings together all the good things you want and need in a floor – durability, strength, practicality and a lot of style. Mega Floor is the concrete floor surface you’ll see on some of our more notable projects and once you’ve checked them out, we think you’ll agree – Mega Floor really looks the part.

Part of Mega Floor’s visual appeal is the use of regional aggregate. The raw beauty of this material can be highlighted in a number of different finishes: 

  • High Street for full exposure. This is the most recognised finish.
  • Urban for medium exposure. This is the most traditional diamond polished floor finish.
  • Beach House for light exposure. Think the classic “salt and pepper” look.
  • Warehouse for plain exposure. It still looks good though.
  • Al Fresco which offers multiple exposures for external applications.

With this variety of finishes and exposures, it’s easy to see why Mega Floor is a great choice for a variety of projects. We’ve used it in homes, shops, bars, restaurants, warehouses and more. Anywhere that people want to combine good looks with a practical, long-lasting floor surface is where we’ll recommend a diamond polished floor like Mega Floor.

People often ask us what a diamond polished floor actually is. In a few words, we could say that it is the new and improved version of the traditional Grind and Seal system. But for a more comprehensive answer, try this for size. We start by grinding the concrete to reveal the desired stone exposure levels (same as we would for the Grind and Seal system). After the grinding is done, the concrete is hardened with a densifier that reacts with the cement to increase the surface strength of the concrete. The surface is then “Honed” or “Polished” to achieve the desired sheen or gloss level. The concrete is then sealed to protect it from stains and migration of water into the surface of the concrete. After sealing, the surface is burnished to remove any surface contamination. It’s quite a process, but you don’t get wonderful results by cutting corners.

If you want to explore the possibility of a diamond polished concrete floor at your home or business, contact us at Concrete Grind and Polish. And if you want a beautiful Kiwi touch on that concrete floor, be sure to ask us about Mega Floor.

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Dear John, it is with pleasure that I write to thank Concrete Grind and Polish Ltd for the fantastic work undertaken at the NZ National Maritime Museum. From the initial meeting to discuss the process to the user friendly manner in which all steps were explained to the completed finish of the floor was always dealt with in a professional and attentive manner. As you can imagine the Museum needs to have a professional finish to all their works undertaken within the Maritime Museum space as we are the NZ National Maritime Museum and the only attraction on the waterfront in the Auckland CBD. I would have no hesitation in undertaking the services of your company should we have further work of a similar nature in the future development of the Maritime Museum.

Murray Dick, Operations Manager NZ National Maritime Museum