Should You Do Your Own Concrete Grinding?

If you think concrete grinding is a case of plugging it in and letting rip, then we have news for you. As Auckland concrete grinders who have been around for a few years, we know there is more to grinding than meets the eye. Come and see what we do every day and you’ll soon figure out that concrete grinding might be best left to the professionals.

DIY concrete grinders make mistakes that we professionals don’t. It all comes down to knowledge, experience and equipment. We have a lot of it, but those who choose to do it themselves are often lacking in all of those departments and that why their project is doomed to fail before it begins. As a perfect example, they choose the wrong metal bond diamond tooling for the job. Here’s a hint. Soft concrete does not require soft bond diamonds, even though you might think that would be the obvious choice of diamond tooling. It’s an amateur’s mistake we see all the time.  

Then there are DIY grinders in a rush to get the job done so they run the machine at a speed that is far too high. By doing this, they can overheat the diamonds which prevents proper cutting. Or, they go for low-cost diamonds for the sake of doing a cheap job – but a cheap job never ends up being a good job. The results are often awful.

Finally, there are those who put themselves and those around them in danger. They can’t handle the heavy machinery. They work in situations where there’s a danger of fire, explosion or electrocution because they’re operating near flammable objects or wet floors. Or, they wear inappropriate gear, including the wrong dust masks (if they wear them at all), loose clothing that can become entangled in the machine, or footwear that can see them trip and fall while using the grinder.

We could go on but by now we have hopefully given you a clear picture that there is more to what we do than meets the eye. DIY is another way of spelling disaster when it comes to concrete grinding. It really is a job best left to professional concrete grinders in Auckland who will bring the right equipment, skills and knowledge to the project. We know just the people for the job! Get in touch with the team at Concrete Grind and Polish and we’ll make sure it’s done properly.

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