Four Essential Tips For Daily Maintenance Of Polished Concrete Flooring

If you’ve chosen polish concrete for the garage floors, then proper long-term maintenance is essential to ensure that your floors are well taken care of. This will prevent expensive repair work down the line and will also protect the aesthetic value of your flooring. While polished concrete is a maintenance-friendly flooring option, homeowners do need to take care to use the appropriate cleaning materials that will protect the finish, no matter if the area is low or high traffic. Here’s what you need to know polished concrete garage.

Only Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials

One of the more important cleaning principles to adhere to when maintaining polished concrete flooring is only to use cleaning materials that pose no danger to the floor’s finish. Certain cleaners such as those that are acidic in nature have the potential to bypass your floor’s stain guards and eat into the concrete. Etching then becomes a problem, and the floors will require grinding to restore them to their original condition. It would be best if you also avoided alkaline cleaners as they have a corrosive effect on concrete, which will result in dulling its polished shine.

The best type of cleaning agents to get rid of grime and dirt effectively is one with a neutral PH balance. This will gently clean without causing any damage.

Use Non-Abrasive Tools

When dry mopping polished concrete, it’s highly recommended that you use soft pads, ones made of high-quality microfibre, or any other non-abrasive tools that won’t scratch the surface of the floors. Failing to do this will result in it requiring a high-speed burnishing.

Spills Should Be Cleaned As Soon As Possible 

Both dry and wet mopping is an important regular maintenance task, with dry mopping undertaken daily and spills mopped up as soon as they occur. This is particularly important in such areas as the garage, which are susceptible to grease and oil spillages. Even though wet mopping (by hand) is enough to clean polished concrete, auto scrubbing is a fast and efficient cleaning method that works well if you need to mop up grease and oil before stains occur.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice as a flooring treatment as each area or slab can have a unique colour, pattern and shine. The only responsibility of residential and commercial owners is to pay regular attention to its maintenance. For more information about how to protect polished concrete in the garage or repair polished concrete surfaces, please contact the team at Concrete Grind & Polish.

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