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Grind & Seal versus Grind & Polish.

OId System versus New System.

Polished Concrete” is a generic term widely used to define a style of concrete grinding to achieve a decorative finish to the surface of concrete.

There are two different grinding methods to achieve a Polished Concrete Floor. These two different grinding methods are commonly known in the trade as “Grind and Seal” and “Grind and Polish”. They are both commonly referred to as “Polished Concrete”.

Grind & Seal


Old System

The Grind and Seal system is very common and widely used. However this system it is not a true “Polished Concrete Floor”. It is a cheaper version.

The Grind and Seal system is when the concrete is ground back to achieve the desired stone exposure level. After the grinding process has been completed the concrete is sealed with a high build, clear coat sealer such as an epoxy, acrylic or urethane. This system is generally more cost effective in the short term. However this system is more prone to scratching of the sealer coating, can discolour from UV and delaminate from the concrete surface. Hence there are more long term recoating costs.

Grind & Polish


New System

The Grind and Polish system (also referred to as “Diamond Polished Concrete”) is created by grinding the concrete back to achieve the desired stone exposure levels (same as in the Grind and Seal system). After the grinding process the concrete is hardened with a densifier that reacts with the cement, hardens and increases the surface strength of the concrete. The densified surface is then “Honed” or “Polished” to achieve the desired sheen or gloss level. The honed or polished concrete is then sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect it form stains and migration of water into the surface of the concrete. After sealing, the surface is Burnished to remove any surface contamination.

The Grind and Polish system is becoming more widely used and accepted as a far superior system to the Grind and Seal system.

Polished Concrete Floors are the ideal application for residential or commercial floors. The neutral colour of concrete is a great back drop for retail displays. The floors are easily cleaned and offer low ongoing maintenance costs. Floors can be ground back to expose the stone to achieve a decorative finish with character. Alternatively the plain concrete can be highly polished to achieve a blank canvas with interest. Concrete polishing will bring your floors to life.

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Concrete Flooring Systems – Grind & Seal VERSUS Grind & Polish


Concrete floors are the perfect type of flooring for many homes and businesses. They are low maintenance, have an attractive look and are easier to install than other floorings. There’s one thing that your concrete flooring will require that other types of flooring won’t, and that’s polishing or grinding. These are two finishes that can take a good concrete floor surface and transform it into a great one. When it comes to polished concrete flooring, you can opt for a Grind & Seal or a Grind & Polish. Now, while these may share some characteristics, each grinding technique relates to a unique style and finish.

  • Grind & Seal: Grind & Seal is the first, older method, and used widely for both residential and commercial flooring needs. The process includes grinding down the concrete floor surface and after that sealing it with a high build clear coat sealer (such as acrylic, epoxy or urethane). Some may even say it's not a “true” polished concrete flooring type as the finish results in a “raw” exposed appearance. But it is excellent for achieving a more rustic and natural look. It is also the more cost-effective option for those on a tight budget or to use on large floor space areas. It's important to note, though, that it often requires recoating due to scratching and/or UV discolouration.
  • Grind & Polish: Grind & Polish, also known as Diamond Polished Concrete, is the new and far superior option for a luxurious and high-quality finish. The first part of the procedure follows the same process as Grind & Seal. However, after sealing, a densifier is added to increase the strength and durability of the surface. After that, the coated concrete floor is polished to a high sheen creating a shiny gloss finish. To further protect the floor, a protective sealer is applied and then burnished for optimal durability and protection. The result is a stunning high shine floor.

Which ever option you go for, it’s vital to ensure that you’re getting the right advice from experts in concrete. Experts will employ best practices, provide quality work and ensure that a satisfactory finished product is delivered. It’s often tempting to try and do it yourself, but when it comes to concrete, it’s usually not worth taking the risk.

If you are considering polished concrete flooring (including Hyper Floor options) for your home or business, or even a polished concrete garage, contact Concrete Grind & Polish.