Why Pet Owners Love Concrete Floors

We love reading the testimonials we receive about our work. Not because they’re good for our ego but because they spur us on to even greater heights. Occasionally, we receive a stellar review from a very select group of people within our client base – pet owners. They love the fact that concrete floors are pet friendly, and that makes them owner friendly as well. 

One of the biggest advantages of concrete floors for pet owners is that the sealed surface is remarkably easy to clean. If you’ve ever had to clean paw marks off the carpet or a rug after a muddy pet has run inside on a wet day, you’ll know what we mean. In contrast, a quick wipe with a mop or towel is all that is usually required to keep a concrete floor sparkling clean.    

Sealed concrete floors also repel unpleasant odours that are common when your cat or dog leaves little accidents or “gifts” on the floor. Again, compare this to a carpeted home where the unfortunate smell can linger for hours, or longer, regardless of how much scrubbing you do. With a concrete floor, it’s a relative breeze to clean up the mess and get rid of the odour at the same time.

For many pet owners living in family homes, one of the biggest benefits of concrete floors is that they’re virtually hypoallergenic. Fur, fleas, mites and flakes of dead skin are often shed by pets when they’re indoors; these microscopic particles can become trapped in the floor and trigger allergies, hay fever and even asthma, particularly in children. With a concrete floor and its easy-cleaning qualities, this simply isn’t an issue. The particles sit on the surface of the floor and are easily disposed of.

High-quality concrete floors, like the ones we specialise in, are very durable and this is another area where they’re great for people who own pets. This hard-wearing characteristic makes concrete floors relatively scratch-resistant compared to many other flooring materials, and this is enhanced through proper installation and sealing. 

If you’re considering the practical benefits of concrete floors, and you’re a pet owner, then the news is all good. Just ask our delighted animal-loving customers, who enjoy the no-fuss, no-odour and no-allergen environment they, and their pets, now live in. We’ll be happy to provide a similar setting for your menagerie and the rest of your family. Please contact us to find out more.

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