We Can Magically Transform Your Existing Floors

Are you thinking about covering your old and drab concrete floors with carpet, or going for another flooring surface altogether? Don’t do it until you’ve talked with us. We can work our magic on what you already have and make your old floors look brand new. In fact, they’ll look even better than brand new. They’ll look beautiful.

Polished concrete floors in NZ are very much in vogue. Check out our gallery and see for your own eyes why they’re so trendy at the moment. When many people think of polished concrete floors they have visions of them being installed in high-end new build homes or commercial spaces. While we certainly do a lot of new floors, our services also extend to enhancing the appearance of existing ones. In many ways, we derive more satisfaction from this sort of work because we can turn drab into fab. The transformation can be nothing short of miraculous, and that’s why we get so much pleasure out of this sort of project.

We do understand that old concrete floors can look boring and lifeless, and not at all appealing. We can’t blame you for looking at other flooring surfaces, including carpet which will cover it all up. But don’t do anything before you talk with us. Our polishing services can magically transform your concrete by creating a marble-like beauty that you never would have thought possible. By bringing your existing concrete floors up to a dazzling new standard, you can enjoy all of the practical benefits they bring you including:

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Excellent thermal mass for a warmer space in winter and a cooler one in summer
  • Hypoallergenic, which is great for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strength and durability to stay looking good even in high traffic areas
  • Can be used both internally and externally to create desirable indoor/outdoor flow

There’s every reason to keep your concrete floors. And thanks to our polishing services, they’ll be unrecognisable – but in a very, very good way. So if you’re thinking about turning your back on your concrete floors, we say think again. Contact us and we’ll discuss the beautiful potential that is currently hidden beneath the surface.

To get the best out of your floor call before you pour!
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Dear John, it is with pleasure that I write to thank Concrete Grind and Polish Ltd for the fantastic work undertaken at the NZ National Maritime Museum. From the initial meeting to discuss the process to the user friendly manner in which all steps were explained to the completed finish of the floor was always dealt with in a professional and attentive manner. As you can imagine the Museum needs to have a professional finish to all their works undertaken within the Maritime Museum space as we are the NZ National Maritime Museum and the only attraction on the waterfront in the Auckland CBD. I would have no hesitation in undertaking the services of your company should we have further work of a similar nature in the future development of the Maritime Museum.

Murray Dick, Operations Manager NZ National Maritime Museum