How To Clean Your Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are immensely low maintenance as compared to other floor cover options. While wooden, vinyl and stone floors need to be polished or waxed frequently to maintain their sheen and clean look, polished concrete floors have a resilience that won’t be damaged by heavy foot traffic or experience scratches or scrapes over time. Still, if you’ve invested in residential or commercial polished concrete floors, you want to keep them looking as brilliant as the day they were installed. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

1) Mop Frequently

Invest in a microfiber mop or cloth to clean your floors – they trap dirt particles more effectively than other materials and will ensure that you get all the dust off the floor when rinsing. Ensure that you use PH neutral cleaning materials and use hot water, as acidic detergents will gradually dull the shine of your floors over time. 

2) Keep Your Water And Mop Clean

Rinse your mop or cleaning cloths often and be sure to replace the water a few times during the cleaning process. The specialised PH neutral cleaning liquid used to clean these floors cause dirt particles to become stuck in your mop or cloth, which is why you need to rinse and replace water frequently. For a true mirror-like shine and no streaks, work on your floor in phases and dry the washed areas with a dry cloth as you progress. 

3) Mechanical Alternatives

Should you have access to a floor polisher, you can make use of it with the softest available buffer pads – anything more abrasive in texture will damage your floor and reduce its shine. 

4) Work In Small Patches At A Time

As mentioned before, cleaning your floor in small sections at a time will ensure that you wash and polish each part effectively. The other aspect of this is that your cleaning liquid needs enough time to loosen any dirt on your floors, but if left for too long without being wiped up, these detergents tend to cause build-up which is very difficult to remove entirely. As dried up detergent collects on the surface, it quickly starts giving your floor a dull appearance.

Let everyone who comes into your building leave with envy of your beautiful, clean and sheen polished concrete floors with these tips. We hope you’ll put them to good use.

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