Expert Concrete Floor Coating Services for a Lasting Finish

Our concrete grinding is exceptional, but it's the coating that will take your floor to a whole new level. Concrete floor coating will transform your residential or commercial space, so Concrete Grind & Polish offers this specialised service once we've finished grinding your floor. Thanks to our grinding and coating, your concrete floor will be stronger and more beautiful with a longer-lasting finish.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Floor After Concrete Grinding


A perfectly coated floor requires the very best groundwork. Concrete Grind & Polish understands the crucial role of concrete grinding in preparing surfaces for coating. We're experts at achieving the ideal surface texture for superior adhesion of our coatings. While we use world-class floor coating products, we know that our proven grinding process enhances the longevity and effectiveness of the concrete floor coating. It's a winning blend of perfect preparation and premium products that will unlock the full potential of your floor.


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Specialised Concrete Floor Coating Solutions


No two homes are the same, and no two commercial buildings are identical. For this reason, Concrete Grind & Polish offer various concrete floor coating options that will suit your unique space. For example, our expertise in epoxy concrete paint allows us to apply this coating in both gloss and matt finishes, tailoring solutions to meet your preferences and match your surroundings. While we can customise our concrete floor coating solutions, they all have several important things in common: durability, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting protection.

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Elevate Your Garage or Basement With Expert Concrete Garage Floor Coating


Concrete Grind & Polish are garage floor coating specialists. We believe there are many advantages to concrete grinding and coating in your garage or basement, including increased resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and easier maintenance. Look at our gallery to see success stories of garage transformations that showcase the expert application of garage floor paint epoxy.

Residential & Commercial Expertise

Concrete Grind & Polish is at home in residential properties and just as proficient when getting to work in commercial spaces. No matter the setting, there's an opportunity for concrete floors to become a genuine feature in your home or business. Our case studies of residential and commercial projects detail the precision and skill in each coating application. They highlight our ability to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any space, in any place.


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Sealing Excellence With Epoxy After Grinding


Concrete Grind & Polish excels in sealing concrete surfaces, especially after grinding.

Epoxy seal boasts protective properties that guard against moisture, stains, and other potential damage, with the advantage that it cures quickly with a sleek and eye-catching finish. It is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas and reduces common concerns over concrete deterioration. You could say that epoxy seals the deal after the grinding is complete.

Concrete Grind & Polish is committed to delivering expert concrete floor coating services. Our proficiency in this area, particularly after concrete grinding, sets us apart in providing lasting and transformative results. We invite you to explore the full spectrum of Concrete Grind & Polish's expert concrete floor coating services.

We are so proud of our work that we welcome inquiries and consultations and are happy for you to see the transformative impact of our specialised coatings. You can do all that in any number of ways: call us, send us an email or visit our Auckland showroom for a private viewing.

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