The Complete Guide To The Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floors In NZ

Polished concrete floors NZ have become a heavy contender for versatile flooring solutions in both residential homes and commercial properties. It is often hard to find a floor that can work well in both environments with the same added advantages and still remain extremely durable. But polished concrete floors do just this. They make the perfect aesthetic and functional addition to any space. These long-lasting floors may seem like the obvious choice for a new development or a renovation process, but you will be surprised to know that many people are still concerned about the material and how it actually benefits their home or business. 

Here are the top benefits homeowners and business owners can enjoy from installing concrete floors into their properties. 

Home Advantage 

Homeowners are the most reluctant because they assume that the muted grey tones will be off-putting to the rest of the design in their homes. However, polished concrete floors are becoming a popular trend in the interior design world and with good reason too. 

These floors can be designed to your specific requirements, from finish and colour and style, it is all up to you.  But these floors are more than just design friendly, they are extremely practical and resistant to water spills making them the safer option to choose as opposed to more traditional flooring. With hardly any wear-and-tear on these floors, correct maintenance will ensure your floors have a lifetime value that will pay for itself in years to come. 

Not only are they stronger than most other floors, but they are also the environmentally-friendly option as their durability ensures that they won’t need to be repaired or replaced any time soon. Polished concrete floors are ideal for most spaces in the home and can create a unique flow that enhances the look of your home from room to room. If you are not comfortable with installing this flooring throughout, consider using it in open spaces such as kitchens and living rooms, take it outdoors into your patio and use it in your children’s rooms for a creative look. 

Commercial Win 

Concrete floors are more common in warehouses and storage facilities rather than in other industries and it is the optimal choice because of how low maintenance is. Concrete again can be altered to a specific look so it is ideal for a light and airy café or bright supermarket. 

The floors are also extremely appealing as they are accident-resistant with minimal to no slipping, have reflective surfaces increasing the light inside and make interiors appear bigger than they are. This is a win for attracting customers instore or onsite. Polished concrete can work in almost every type of work environment – from office buildings, retail stores, restaurants and hospitals or clinics.

Concrete Grind & Polish hopes this guide dispelled any concerns you had and now are aware of the benefits of polished concrete floors in NZ. To learn more about our installation services or to book a site evaluation – contact us today. 

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