Concrete Floors Are The Link Between Indoors And Outdoors

Check out real estate listings online or in the newspaper and there’s no doubt at all that one of the most common terms you’ll see is “indoor-outdoor flow”. It’s everywhere. When any property boasts such a feature, real estate agents are not shy about letting the world know. There’s a very good reason why. Indoor-outdoor flow has always been in demand by potential home buyers, and always will be. It remains a very big selling point for vendors.

If you are improving your home with one eye on enjoying a better lifestyle while you’re living there, but with another eye on selling it somewhere down the track, then creating indoor-outdoor flow is obviously a smart idea. It will look a million dollars to you, and to potential homebuyers in the years ahead. As leaders in polished concrete in Auckland, we can help you achieve that most desirable feature with beautiful concrete floors inside your home extending to an outdoor area that looks just as good. 

When concrete is used on a home’s patio, veranda or alfresco dining area, you enjoy a number of practical benefits as well. A polished concrete surface requires virtually no maintenance,  doesn’t harbour bugs and other pests, and there’s no problem with weeds growing in the area. Just as importantly, a concrete outdoor area is a sturdy and stable surface, especially when compared to wooden decks which eventually become spongy, soft, slippery and downright dangerous. 

Indoor-outdoor flow doesn’t mean that the concrete floor inside has to be exactly the same as outside. We can provide differing abrasive finishing treatments of the concrete, which will allow you to mix and match tones and vary the surface’s texture just enough to suggest a transition between spaces. As an example, a highly polished grey floor in an inside lounge area can join up with a slightly darker grey surface on a patio made of a finely honed concrete with a  solid-grip and a smooth matt finish. That’s just one of the possibilities – there are many, many more and we always have suggestions and ideas that fit in with the individual characteristics of each property.

Indoor-outdoor flow will always be a “thing”, and something well worth creating for your own enjoyment, and added property value. As concrete floors are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to make indoor-outdoor flow actually happen, we suggest you contact us and we’ll take the first steps towards installing that much-desired feature.

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