Cracked Concrete And How To Resolve Them

Cracked concrete floors are an unfortunate occurrence which occurs from poor maintenance or an inadequate installation and can be a headache to resolve. Especially because it’s difficult to truly assess the depth of the crack and the seriousness of it without sufficient industry knowledge. 

On a commercial property, this can become hazardous too as it can potentially trip customers or even have employees injure themselves while manoeuvring around. It is therefore essential to not only understand the process of resolving cracked concrete with the assistance of commercial floor polishers and expert professionals but to also reduce further damage and potential negative impact of these cracks. 

Shoddy workmanship or hiring the cheapest and less experienced tradesman to install your concrete floor is often the leading cause behind cracks. It’s due to inconsistent water to cement ratios and measurements used during the application process and appears at fragile slab points. Without a professional, it can also be difficult to gauge whether a crack is simply cosmetic so one should not make assumptions about the extent of it and call in a professional. 

But how should you resolve cracks then? Here is our guide to fixing those tripping hazards. 

Assess The Crack And Surrounding Areas 

Locating the source of the crack is pivotal to understanding whether it is simply structural wear and tear, weak installation or an external cause. Perhaps employees have dropped large and heavy items in the area, a major collision had occurred or had machinery malfunction in the space. If you identify the crack source as being an external cause, that can assist professionals to diagnose how weak the concrete is in the area and can start remedying it immediately. 

Determine If It Is An Actual Crack 

Sometimes scratches appear on polished concrete when items are dragged across it or because of the lack of regular maintenance. Negligent observation may construe a crack as a scratch so always check properly. Business owners will be potentially liable for any future accidents if not repaired quickly. Take note of any chips along the deepening lines and monitor it over a few days. If it starts to worsen, chances are it is not just a scratch. Call a professional to help you determine if it is a crack and provide you with a solution to repairing it immediately. 

Contact A Real Professional

Cracks are not a small insignificant issue that you can ignore, nor are they issues that you can repair yourself by watching a DIY video online. It is better to be certain about a crack, understand the damage and work on resolving it with a professional than to assume it will not deteriorate. Ask about the professional’s experience, their advice and solutions to resolving the crack and query about any referrals they may have from previous clients who have also experienced a similar issue. 

Not only is ignoring a crack dangerous to your business, employees and customers, but it can also lead to high expenditure. This is due to your concrete floor becoming less stable and may need to be replaced eventually because it was not repaired in time. At Concrete Grind & Polish, we offer commercial floor polishers, problem resolution and renovation services on your concrete floors. To contact us about a crack or if you require more information on what we do – give us a call today.

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