Eco-friendly concrete flooring

Flooring affects more than just the look of your house. It contributes to many more factors. Floors are often the only constant aesthetic throughout your house and pull together the various styles from room to room in order to create a natural flow in your home. Next, you have to think of the maintenance of interior decor. Carpets require noisy vacuuming on a weekly basis and get stained and dirty as time goes by. They also wear unevenly depending on where you walk or where your furniture is placed. Wooden floors require sweeping, mopping and refinishing. They can only be refinished a handful of times before they need replacing as the wood is sanded down. Polished concrete floors on the other hand have great longevity and retain their new look for a very long time. 

Concrete flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available today. Made from readily abundant natural materials, it can help to improve air quality, reduce waste, and even cut down on your heating bills. Here are all the ways this flooring can benefit your residential or commercial property.

Lower environmental impact

By using abundant, renewable resources that are 100% recyclable, polished concrete floors you don’t have to worry about your impact on the environment the same you would when opting for wooden floors. Additionally, with such a reflective surface, they can make rooms look brighter with only natural light. In the winter months, you’ll also need less artificial lighting which is another money saver. You may notice natural lighting is beneficial to your staff and will result in happier employees working in your company.

Easier to care for

Our floors can take a lot of footfall before they start looking dirty in between cleans. By looking cleaner for longer, you will get away with cleaning them less than flooring that attracts dirt. Less cleaning means lower electricity bills, decreased water bills and less money spent on cleaners for your property.


By lasting for longer, you won’t need to replace your flooring for an extremely long time. This results in fewer materials being used which is better for the environment. Concrete floors can remain in stunning condition for well over a decade. Our polished floors will outperform any coating system, adding value and longevity to any project.

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