Frequently Asked Questions: Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has quickly become the number one flooring solution homeowners seem to be gravitating towards these days. It’s just as much of a popular choice in residential homes as it is in large commercial spaces and that can be attributed to three key features. It’s versatility, durability and design appeal. All three features make concrete flooring a compelling argument for use as a unique feature in any home. However, even with the benefits of style choice and low maintenance, some may still be hesitant about installing this type of flooring in their home. 

In this blog, we hope to shed some light on your most frequently asked questions about concrete floors and show you why you should consider this type of flooring.

Is Polished Concrete Stain-Proof? 

Much like any floor, staining and damage over time are real concerns to any homeowner. Polished concrete is not necessarily stain-proof but is more resistant than traditional flooring materials. It is important to take the same care and effort with these floors as you would with porcelain tiles or hardwood. Even though they are extremely durable, keeping them clean and mopping up stains immediately can be beneficial in years to come. 

Is Polished Concrete Accident-Proof? 

Surprisingly enough, polished concrete despite its appearance is quite sturdy and slip-proof. This decreases the possibility of accidents happening in busy homes with children and pets. These floors are also quite reflective, meaning any spills or debris lying on the floor can be quickly seen and cleaned up to prevent a nasty fall. 

Does Polished Concrete Floors Take Long To Install? 

This is dependent on the setup and size of your home and schedule. While contractors will always provide you with a detailed schedule that accounts for possible delays, a site evaluation needs to take place to determine how quickly the job can be completed. However, we can assure you that this type of flooring is relatively fast to install.

One reason why those who bypass this flooring option is because they may not feel comfortable with either the look of concrete – often associating it with being cold and empty. Another may feel like there is too much uncertainty around the installation, especially in an older home. And most of the time, these concerns are raised when consulting with prospective clients. Although, we do assure every client that polished concrete has a contemporary look that can be used in several ways to create a warm and comfortable environment. And similarly, we can provide previous work portfolios to highlight our installations in existing homes. 

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