How Concrete Can Add A Contemporary Feel To Your Home

When building the ideal home, many first-time property owners often feel inundated with all the options there are to make the home completely theirs. It is tough to add design elements that stand out while still being functional. And though practicality plays a huge role in the decision process, many still need to consider the cost implications of their unique design ideas. Most homeowners today are following the trend of open living, with more natural lighting and designer floors than ever before. Not only is there installation costs to manage, but there are also maintenance and upkeep to ensure your fixtures are in good condition throughout its lifetime. As specialists in the concrete floor industry, we can understand your concerns and although we can recommend best use practice and suitable flooring polish – sometimes you may still not be sure if a concrete floor is for you. 

Even with so many choices to install affordable concrete floors in your home, you may feel it’s a rather dull choice. We can’t help but disagree, because concrete has become more innovative over the last few years than ever before and it’s an option that will guarantee floors that genuinely stand out. 

Here are some of the design trends we predict will make a big impact this year. 

“Marble” Flooring 

Marble seems to be synonymous with being expensive and that’s because it’s such an elegantly designed material. However, with concrete, you can install marbled floors without breaking the bank because you can replicate concrete to look exactly the same as marble. 

“Tiled” Flooring

The one disadvantage of tiles that often deter homeowners away from installing them is that they can be quite the hassle to replace as they can easily chip and crack. Replacements are not easy to find, especially years after the release of a specific design. And while some may suggest buying extra tiles just in case, it is still not a long-term solution. Concrete, on the other hand, is extremely durable and, with the correct maintenance, not susceptible to damage. You can manipulate it to give the look of tiles without the excessive labour or replacement costs attached.

“Hardwood” Flooring 

Similarly, hardwood flooring no longer needs to be an unattainable solution. Hardwood can become quite pricey and additionally, expensive over time as it requires stringent maintenance to ensure it keeps it look. Damaged wood can quickly become troublesome to fix as well as costly. But concrete can easily be made to look like planks, laid down with much less effort involved. 

Simple spaces that still remain unique can be challenging to achieve on a budget, and some may feel conflicted about whether to choose traditional materials over their dream features. However, the one consistent floor we have seen over the years that seems to be gaining popularity is concrete floors. And with good reason too. Besides being flexible and strong, they also are contemporary looking and won’t age over time. 

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