The Protection That Residential Concrete Floors Provides Your Family

Rarely do homeowners ever consider the value of their floors beyond just the cost, maintenance and aesthetic appeal of them. To most of us, a floor seemingly appears to lack any other functionality other than to provide coverage and create a surface to walk over. However, some floors are superior in this regard and have more functionality than expected, case in point: residential concrete floors

More than just a current design trend in the world of interior decorating, concrete floors have several benefits that genuinely enhance the home. If you are in the process of renovating your current home or constructing your new home, flooring may be a concern for you for years to come. It can be a monumental decision as it needs to fit the budget, have a contemporary look that can change with the interior design over time and be easy to clean, with minimal possibility of damage. But one often overlooked aspect of flooring is the protection of your family. 

Although that may sound odd, the right flooring can have tremendous health benefits to you and your loved ones. And so, here are the top reasons to consider residential concrete floors in your home. 

They Improve The Quality Of Air 

Allergies can become frustrating to deal with, especially in a carpeted home. Not only do carpets attract dust and pollen, but they can also become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned properly. With concrete floors, this hazard is reduced drastically and can result in congestion-free breathing. Another reason to choose concrete floors over other more traditional materials is that it decreases the likelihood of the spread of mould indoors. Mould can become toxic to breathe in, affecting respiratory systems and can worsen immune systems overall. 

Decreased Use Of Harsh Chemicals 

With other types of floors, such as tiled or wooden, one would need to use strong chemicals to sanitise floors to keep them clean. In turn, you would be breathing in these chemicals as well as making contact physically once exposed to it. Whereas concrete floors require minimal effort to clean and can be done with mild detergents and water to retain its shine as well as keep it clean and stain-free. 

A Safer Option For Pets 

A significant advantage of concrete flooring is that they significantly reduce the chance of accidents because the material is sturdy and non-slip. This can be beneficial to your pets, that may find themselves slipping on different types of floors. In addition to this, because there are no gaps in concrete floors, pet dander and other allergens do not build up – both of which can affect your pet’s allergies. 

Lastly, as residential concrete floors are so reflective, they can increase the amount of natural light in your home. And increased exposure to natural light is known to improve moods and create a positive environment – which has added value for you and your family. To learn more about our concrete floors, contact us today to see how we can transform your home and health. 

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