The Beauty Of Concrete

When people are considering options for flooring surfaces in their new home or their existing one, a question is commonly asked whenever the topic of polished concrete floors comes up:

Can concrete floors really be beautiful?

Of course, they can! Sure, we are a little bit biased when it comes to answering that particular question. After all, we have been specialising in polished concrete floors in NZ for more than a quarter of a century and were one of the very first local companies to introduce the concept of “Polished Concrete” to New Zealand. We even imported specialised machinery to achieve that stunning look so take it from us – concrete can be beautiful. Extremely beautiful. 

If you’re considering flooring options, and not too sure about concrete, we can reassure you that it can become a true feature in your home. Check out our gallery of residential projects and you’ll see that concrete floors shine like marble. Plus with different polishing techniques and other methods including dyeing, we can do even more magic things with concrete. We’ll change your thinking about concrete, and you’ll see it as far more beautiful than the grey slab of functionality you always perceived it to be. It’s much more than that. Take another look at the gallery and you’ll see that polished concrete floors are far more distinctive than carpet or tiles!

Concrete floors are beautiful in other ways too. They’re incredibly low maintenance, a breeze to clean, they don’t harbour allergenic materials as carpet does, and they keep a home cool in summer and warm in winter thanks to their outstanding thermal mass qualities ( which are virtually non-existent in other surfaces.) Plus, they’re strong, stable, durable and very, very affordable. And did we mention how good they look on top of all those other qualities??!!

If you’re mulling over flooring finishes for your home, and not sure if polished concrete is best for you, then go through our galleries on this site one more time and then get in touch. We have a showroom (open by appointment) in central Auckland where you can check out samples and discuss your options with our concrete flooring experts. Or jump on the phone and give us a call. We’re always happy to chat about the possibilities and the sheer beauty of polished concrete floors!  

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