Time To Upgrade Your Concrete Floors?

Check out our gallery of work we’ve done in the past and you’ll see that we have created some of the most beautiful concrete floors in NZ. We’re very proud to be associated with these projects, in both residential and commercial premises, and it’s thanks to the experience and expertise of our team and our constant investment in the latest technology that we can deliver such spectacular results. So spectacular in fact, that our concrete floors become a feature in their own right and not just something you stand on!

However, if you already have concrete floors and they don’t look like the ones we feature in our gallery, you might not be feeling the love in quite the same way we do. But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring your floors up to the eye-catching standard they’re capable of. We have the equipment and the people to upgrade your concrete floors, so we recommend you get in touch and ask what we can do.

In our experience, most of the drab and ugly concrete surfaces we’ve dealt with have the following issues:

  • Staining. This is particularly common in industrial or commercial buildings and often occurs when floors weren’t installed and sealed properly in the first place.
  • Dull and flat. Concrete floors that were meant to gleam and shine often lose their sparkle over time because of heavy foot traffic, and wear and tear. Again, concrete floors that weren’t installed properly in the first place usually lose their lustre before they should.
  • Unfashionable. Some concrete floors look old and dated and have a grey, slab-like appearance. They weren’t dyed, stained or coated to maximum effect, and as a result, they look out of place in modern surroundings.

Whatever it is that is dragging down the appearance of your old concrete floors, we can help improve the way they look. Our concrete polishing services are of the highest quality. We use the best equipment, operated by skilled professionals, and we can achieve some amazing results when it comes to an upgrade of your concrete floors. So don’t think you’re stuck with the floors you have. We can totally transform the appearance of your concrete flooring, and it’s far more affordable than you might realise. So give us a call today and we’ll come to you and recommend the best course of action. We’ll turn your concrete floors into a genuine feature!   

To get the best out of your floor call before you pour!
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