Transforming Traditional Floors With Concrete

Many Kiwi homeowners look towards the beginning of a new year to feel inspired to give their homes a fresh, new look. To re-energise their spaces, they often turn towards a fresh coat of paint, updating furniture and even rearranging rooms to add a different design element. But rarely do homeowners ever consider their floors, because floors seem to be a lifetime addition. And as specialists in polished concrete floors NZ, we can admit that while traditional flooring may have appeared to have been a sensible choice years ago, they quickly age and dull down a house. 

Although we may not pay our floors much attention when it comes to interior décor, a change of materials can be all the difference you need to add vibrancy to your home. Concrete is extremely versatile, making it the ideal choice to replicate traditional looks without hefty price tags or excessive upkeep in the future. 

Here are some of the ways you can transform drab traditional floors with the installation of concrete. 

Add A Decorative Twist 

You can manipulate concrete to give the appearance of stone, brick and even wood. Furthermore, you can also stain concrete for a unique floor visage. But the major advantage of concrete is that the choice of style, finish and texture is completely up to the homeowner. Floors can remain just as durable while remaining stylish and contemporary with minimal effort. 

Easy Installation And Cleaning 

Many are surprised to find out that laying concrete floors is often a quick process in their home, unlike tiling or hardwood floors. Professionals work efficiently to ensure there is no long waiting periods and can have you back at home in a mere number of days. Additionally, concrete is a much cheaper solution compared to hardwood, carpeted or tiled floors as there is none to little maintenance required in the future. 

Long-Lasting Flooring 

Unlike other traditional floors that will require replacement once or twice in their lifetime, concrete floors simply last forever. Concrete is a durable material, that is impact-resistant, functional and cannot be chipped or flaked – even in busy areas of the home. 

When compared with concrete, traditional flooring is vulnerable to more damage as well as requires much more effort in terms of maintenance. Carpets can become stained and a health hazard as they encourage dust build-up. These types of floors also can become a mould or mildew hot-spot, once damaged by water. Hardwood is another popular but expensive floor solution, that can easily become defective if not appropriately maintained. Additionally, tiled flooring is more prone to chips and breaks that will affect the overall look. And unfortunately, heavily designed tiles may be hard to replace over time.

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