For Best Results Avoid These Common Mistakes When Using A Concrete Grinder

Every now and again, your concrete flooring will require a little more TLC than a standard mop or brush can provide. When this occurs, you might be tempted to hire the necessary equipment and do it yourself. If this happens, you should remember that professional concrete grinding services in NZ are always the best way to achieve realistic results. Instead of trying to master a concrete grinder yourself or hiring a cheap contractor, working with a professional is worth the effort as it will save you time and money. Failure to secure the right professional services can quite easily ruin your floor – especially if the following mistakes are made.

Mistake #1: Operating The Grinder At Unwarranted Speed

This is a common mistake made by many concrete grinder contractors who are just starting out and especially those who are under pressure and time constraints. The increased speed used to get the job done faster is an enormously risky one as the diamonds can overheat, preventing them from cutting effectively.

Mistake #2: Opting For Tools At The Lowest Price

Choosing diamond tooling according to quality and not price is a best practice recommendation. Price is important, but it should not be the most important criteria. Poor quality tools cause several problems such as poor performance and scratches, and they also wear out more quickly.

Mistake #3: Failing To Inspect the Floor before Starting

The two main reasons a contractor must inspect the floors before commencing the actual grinding process is to ensure that there are no above grade issues and to avoid damaging the diamond segment of the tool.

Mistake #4: Failure To Remove Scratches Immediately 

It’s essential you remove scratches as soon as they appear as they’ll only get worse as time progresses. Ignoring scratches will also only result in a poor quality cleaning job.

Mistake #5: Failing To Understand The Proper Processes

Understanding what the actual grinding process requires and how to achieve your desired results will help you determine how to get the exact finish you desire. It will also inform the type of metal bond diamond that’s used and will ensure you remove materials such as epoxy flooring from the surface first.

One of the reasons why our residential and commercial customers choose professional concrete grinding is to produce a specific look to their floors. An experienced grinder will know how to achieve this in the shortest time possible, for the longest-lasting results. To work with a concrete grinder contractor with a vast array of experience and knowledge of the required processes, contact Concrete Grind & Polish.

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