How Concrete Grinding Can Improve Your Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are durable, long lasting and look great, but they need extra care to maintain their appearance. Residential and commercial polished concrete floors need an occasional concrete grinding session – whether due to natural wear and tear over time, or a specific issue caused by damage or neglect. The best part of arranging concrete grinding for your floors is that you get several benefits at one go. Here’s what you can look forward to when you book a professional concrete grinder to take care of your polished concrete floor:

  1. Concrete Grinding Substance Removal Benefits

Concrete grinding can remove unwanted substances from the floor. These include any adhesive that may have attached to the surface, as well as severe or damaging materials that you’ve been unable to remove. It can also get rid of unwanted paint or epoxy from your polished concrete floors, as well as substances from concrete garage floors.

  1. Concrete Grinding Repair & Maintenance Benefits

Over time, chips and cracks may occur. This damage could be due to the floor having been installed several years ago, damage from furniture while moving and damage caused by day-to-day activities. Concrete grinding helps correct defects and repair surface deterioration.

  1. Concrete Grinding Protection & Extended Durability Benefits

Through normal time-based degradation, the surface of polished concrete floors may suffer delamination, surface stress and age-related issues. Concrete grinding helps strengthen floors and leads to improved abrasion resistance. Densifying and sealing the surface also makes the floor less susceptible to stains from substances such as oil, liquids and water.

  1. Concrete Grinding Aesthetic Benefits

Polished concrete grinding can be used to effectively level uneven floors, improve elevated bumps or cracks and create a smoother appearance. It can also restore your floors to their former glory as the technique results in a “facelift” for floors. Grinding can help improve gloss and shine, thus increasing a floor’s reflective characteristics and enhancing the ambient lighting of the space.

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