Easy On The Eye And Just As Easy To Clean

We’re not surprised at the increased demand for polished concrete floors in NZ homes and commercial settings. Modern polished floors have long shed that unfair reputation for being “cold” and “industrial” and are now seen as features in their own right. We’re biased of course, given that we’re specialists in Auckland concrete polishing, but we think a polished concrete floor can be even more beautiful than the wooden floors which were in vogue not too far back. Check out our gallery and you’ll see what we mean. 

Our clients agree with us. For them, a polished concrete floor gives their home or commercial premises a real point of difference. But for many of our customers, their newly installed floors have another advantage beyond distinctive and striking looks. They’re ridiculously easy to clean and maintain, which makes our clients love the surface even more. 

Basically, all that is required is a weekly clean and you can use only hot water if you like. Or, you can add a cleaner specially made for polished concrete, or any pH neutral all-purpose cleaner. For a daily tidy up, a micro-fibre dust mop will do the trick. Spills should be wiped up pretty much straight away, but with sealed concrete floors, the need to mop up isn’t as urgent as it would be with carpet, for example.

That’s all you have to do to clean a polished concrete floor. And once it’s cleaned, it’s clean! Unlike carpet or even hard wooden floors, where dust and other particles can become trapped within the surface, a sealed concrete floor doesn’t collect and hide these things. A one-off clean removes everything from the surface and that makes concrete a very sensible and smart-looking surface in commercial and industrial settings. 

This is also important in family homes. Because polished concrete floors are easy to clean, and keep clean, they’re hypoallergenic. In other words, they don’t trap allergens within the surface as carpet flooring will. This helps to control asthma and other respiratory conditions, particularly in children. A quick daily dust and a weekly mop are all that is required to create a much healthier flooring surface.

Polished concrete floors offer low-key maintenance to go along with their high-end appearance, and that makes them the perfect flooring surface, in our opinion. Again, we acknowledge that our view might not be the most impartial one, but if you want to contact us and discuss the benefits of concrete floors we’re sure you’ll soon agree with us. 

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