Enhancing Your Home With A Concrete Floor

With concrete floors becoming the popular choice amongst homeowners redecorating today, one may feel confident in adding one to their existing home too. This unique material is extremely resilient, which can be a cost-saving addition for the future as well as it is the more environment-friendly option available on the market. With minimal cleaning and maintenance required, it is also the more convenient choice of flooring compared to wooden or tiled floors. 

And though it seems like the obvious choice for your renovations, one may still feel slightly conflicted or overwhelmed about how to use it alongside the existing home and its current interiors. It can seem easier to implement in a newly built home, but that should not discourage you as it can just as easily be incorporated into your existing home as well. 

Here are our top design tips for adding and enhancing your home with a concrete floor. 

Choose Naturals Or Industrial Accents 

Using natural materials alongside your concrete floor can create a feeling of hominess and less formal space, that is for a family room or bedroom. Using wooden furniture, neutral tones and natural lighting can create a more welcoming place to relax in. Choosing marble or metal accents can create a truly unique feel in your home, that together with concrete flooring can transform the space instantly. These industrial accents can add a more refined look to space and would work well in dining rooms, home offices or even entertaining kitchens. 

Keep It Simple 

A cumbersome home can feel disorientating with the addition of a concrete floor, and that is why a balance needs to be maintained. Even if your home does not follow a minimalist design, by keeping the furniture or other décor pieces simple – you can make a room feel lighter and not heavier because of the strong floor. 

Bring It Inside 

If you home has plenty of open living spaces that extend outward and open into your backyard, consider adding a concrete apron around your home to create a flow. This way, a concrete floor inside won’t seem out of place or clumsily added into your current décor. You can then accentuate the flow with the use of frameless sliding doors and windows to create a sleek and effortless look. 

These simple and easy to incorporate tips can help you add a concrete floor to your home, without the hassle of it looking strange and misplaced. When used cleverly, it will appear as quite suitable and create a diverse look throughout one’s home. 

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