Polished Concrete Is Worth Doing Properly

We’re proud to have a reputation as experts in polished concrete in Auckland. We’ve been around for more than a quarter of a century, so that reputation is a long-standing one. We’re a family business that people can trust, and even though we have been doing polished concrete floors for over 25 years, we keep up to date with the latest techniques and methods, and constantly invest in new equipment. We don’t rest on our laurels, and because of that, we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.  

While we have a lot to be proud of, many of our competitors don’t. Unfortunately, there are a few companies out there offering concrete polishing services but without the experience and expertise of long-standing companies like ours. They’re basically set up to cash in on the growing popularity of polished concrete floors in residential and commercial settings. In some cases, these fly-by-nighters actually rent equipment from the hire shop – they don’t even own their own gear! If they do, it’s usually second-hand and not capable of delivering the incredible finishes that our modern machinery is capable of. 

To make it worse, these “phantom” floor polishers have no idea how to operate the machinery – and take it from us, this is a much more involved process than it might appear. The grinding components we use on the machinery need to match the requirements of the job – you can’t use the same one on every project. That knowledge is second nature to us but not to the newbies who are currently operating out there. As a result, they use equipment that does half a job at best and results in total disaster at worst. It’s often the case that we’re called out to fix up the mess that others leave behind, and the use of the wrong equipment is usually behind this.    

Polished concrete is worth doing properly. The results can be astonishing when you do it right. The only way to achieve that is to use a reputable company that actually knows what it is doing. Such a company will have a gallery of previous work and projects, and they’ll be able to put you in touch with satisfied clients. They’ll own the right equipment for the job and, crucially, they’ll have highly trained staff who know how to use that equipment to maximum effect. 

These are just a few of the things you should check if you have a polished concrete project in mind. Don’t be afraid to shop around and check that the company you have in mind is actually up to the job. We certainly are so feel free to contact us to discuss your project, and don’t be afraid to check our credentials at the same time!



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