Four Reasons To Choose Polished Concrete Floors

With minimalistic industrial design and décor becoming increasingly popular, many homeowners are rethinking what their homes look like – including their flooring. Each home is unique, so the styling is really up to the homeowner. If you’re in the processing of redoing your flooring or reaching the completion phase of a new build, polished concrete floors should be considered a viable option.

 This finishing is one that’s no longer reserved for business and warehouse facilities as many have come to realise that it’s a functional flooring solution that can enhance your home and its value. Many people like the look but hold back due to the misconception that it may be harder to maintain compared to simply tiling an area. Although polished concrete does require a little maintenance and upkeep, it’s an investment that has the benefit of longevity.

 Here are the four additional reasons you should consider a polished concrete floor for your home.

1) Aesthetically Pleasing

As interior decor trends start to emphasise simple but impactful spaces, polished concrete floors are being recognised as one way to achieve such a look. Trends are moving away from traditional materials such as wood and cane to concrete and steel, and there’s no reason why your home can’t reflect this. At Concrete Grind & Polish, we can advise on different styles of concrete floors that and a wide variety of design options.

2) Eco-Friendly Alternative

Concrete flooring is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. For homeowners who want to use concrete floor polish services on their current floors, there is no extra usage of materials and excess waste. This is an advantage for eco-conscious clients. In addition, installation maintenance won’t require the application of toxic chemicals and waxes which are harmful to the environment.

3) Durability And Strength

Professionally installed concrete flooring is crucial to your floors becoming stronger over time. Unlike wood which can warp and bend or tiles which can chip and lose grit, polished concrete is the more durable flooring solution. It’s also more effective against stains and with proper care, mould outbreaks are highly unlikely.

4) Safer For Busy Homes

A poorly installed floor or other traditional variants of flooring can lead to untimely accidents – especially in active households with children. For busy family homes, polished concrete can be the safer choice as it offers grip to prevent nasty slips and falls.

If you’re in the process of renovation or construction, polished concrete floors can be the sound choice for all the above reasons. Contact us at Concrete Grind & Polish to learn more about our concrete floor polish services and other offerings.

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