What Is Grind & Seal?

When it comes to a concrete floor polish, the modern Grind & Polish method delivers stunning high-shine results. This type of polish, also known as Diamond Polished Concrete, is a relatively new option for a luxurious and high-quality finish. The shine is unbelievable! It’s achieved through a number of steps starting with the same process as Grind & Seal – which we’ll discuss shortly. We grind down a concrete surface and then we seal it with a clear coat sealer. But that’s where the similarities to Grind & Seal end. It’s what we do next that makes this method really special. 

After grinding, we add a densifier to increase the strength and durability of the surface and then polish the coated concrete floor to a shiny gloss finish. To further protect the floor, we apply a protective sealer and then it’s burnished for maximum durability and protection. The result is a stunning high shine floor that’s incredibly strong and that is why we believe that a Grind & Polish is superior to the older Grind & Seal method. But that doesn’t mean the latter option doesn’t have its place in both commercial and residential applications.

The Grind & Seal process includes grinding down the concrete floor surface followed by sealing with a high build clear coat sealer such as acrylic, epoxy or urethane. And that’s about it – a grind and seal! Without all the extra steps we take with the Grind & Polish method we don’t achieve a “true” polished concrete flooring type. The result is more of a “raw” exposed appearance which is great for people wanting a more rustic and natural look. It is also the more cost-effective option for customers on a tight budget, or to use on large floor space areas. But without all the extra steps we take with modern methods, you must remember that it often requires re-coating due to scratching and/or UV discolouration. So while it’s cheaper to start with, you will possibly have ongoing maintenance costs to meet.

Such is our experience and expertise, we can still deliver superb results with Grind & Seal concrete floors. So even though the new methods are very much in vogue, don’t discount the old-fashioned way of doing things. It might be better suited to your property, as well as to your budget. The best way to decide is to contact us and we’ll discuss whether Grind & Polish, or Grind & Seal is the way to go with your concrete floors.

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