Where To Use Concrete Floors In Your Home

Even though more and more homeowners are choosing to go with residential concrete floors these days, it can be a tough sell to those who are design-conscious or on a tight budget – those who are wary about a less traditional flooring option. Concrete flooring has quickly become much more accessible and affordable to the average homeowner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone can afford to install these floors throughout their home. 

In order to help you consider concrete floors as a viable option for your home, we have compiled this blog to help you see how they can be beneficial in different areas of a common home. Fewer rooms mean less cost – a feasible option on a limited budget. 

In The Kitchen 

Kitchens can quickly become danger zones if improper flooring options are chosen. Slippery floors can be hazardous when working with appliances and even cooking. Concrete floors when polished can give a sleek look, without compromising on safety. Furthermore, these floors can also be useful to help brighten up a small kitchen, making it feel much bigger than it is and help when preparing meals in a clean, hygienic space.

In The Family Room 

Dust tends to build up in cluttered spaces, such as the family room. From musical instruments, comfortable couches and cosy rugs, dust can quickly collect and make it a rather uncomfortable, dirty space. With concrete, dust doesn’t gather on the floors, resulting in easier breathing and cleaner airflow. 

In The Home Office 

The home office needs to be a place of productivity and function, without seeming forced. Concrete floors can achieve this with ease by making the interior space seem larger than it is and giving you a different environment to work in as opposed to the rest of your home. It also makes for minimal cleaning by staying relatively dust-free throughout the day. 

Although the benefits of concrete do indicate that these floors are the most valuable on the market today, some may be wary about where to use them. Much like any other renovation work, it is important that flooring matches your aesthetic or look you are trying to achieve. Additionally, although renovations are seen as a way to increase the value of your property, they still need to come within budget. We believe both style and budget requirements can easily be met with concrete flooring. 

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