Why Diamond Polished Concrete Floors Are Simply Better

As Kiwis become more aware of the benefits of concrete floors in homes and businesses, and more interested in them as a result, we’re fielding a growing number of enquiries. People want to find out more about the installation process, the costs, and which type of finishes are best. If you have queries of that nature, a quick call to us is the best way to get all the information you need but in the meantime, we thought we’d go back and discuss diamond polished concrete. After all, as far as we’re concerned, this type of flooring system is the best you can get.

During your research into the different types of concrete flooring systems, you will probably have heard of the “Grind and Polish” system, which is another name for “Diamond Polished Concrete”. This look is created by grinding concrete back until the desired stone exposure levels are achieved.  After this grinding process, the concrete is hardened with a densifier that reacts with the cement – it not only hardens the concrete but also increases the surface strength, to give this type of flooring the durability it is renowned for. 

The surface is polished to achieve the desired sheen or gloss level and then sealed to guard against stains and the migration of water into the surface of the concrete. After sealing, the surface is burnished to remove any surface contamination.

As you’ve just seen, this is a process with many important steps. But this is why diamond polished concrete floors are so much better than any type of flooring system you might have come across. Because diamond polished concrete floors are a process, and not a topical product, the results are much longer-lasting. The process of refinement produces a surface that is tight, yet breathable, while the extra steps e.g. sealing, simply add to the durability of the floor.

A diamond polished concrete floor is also much easier to maintain because the ultra-smooth surface makes it a breeze to push a mop along it, with water pretty much all you need to keep it sparkling clean. 

Finally, as the name might suggest, a diamond polished concrete floor really does gleam and sparkle like you wouldn’t believe. While old-fashioned flooring systems are available to you, and they might be a bit cheaper, they just don’t look as spectacular as diamond polished concrete. Your investment in this sort of flooring system really is worth it in every respect, and here is the proof in our gallery.  

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