Your Concrete Floor Can Reduce Your Power Bill

When you’re weighing up the many advantages of polished concrete floors, grab your latest power bill and consider another good reason to have one installed. Polished concrete floors have high thermal mass: they can absorb, store and release a substantial amount of heat energy. In comparison, timber floors aren’t able to absorb and store nearly as much energy, and that is why this form of flooring material has what is known as low thermal mass. 

Concrete floors, particularly when exposed to maximum sunlight, can take in and store a lot of heat during the warmest part of the day. This heat is eventually released as the temperature drops later on, and that lovely sensation can be felt throughout a wide area of the home. This process creates a very efficient and low-cost way to warm a home during all seasons. 

Exploiting the thermal mass of polished concrete floors depends on certain factors. The orientation of the floor is one of them, and that is something we can discuss during our initial consultations with you. Good insulation is another thing to consider: it will prevent released heat energy being lost from your home too quickly. Floor coverings should also be looked at; your polished concrete floors need to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible to trap heat energy, and rugs and carpet can hinder thermal mass in this respect.

A concrete floor’s thermal mass is also beneficial during the summer months, as it can cool your home on warmer days. It does this by capturing and storing the heat in the air, with this energy being released later on in the day. Good ventilation will prevent your home from overheating when this release occurs on a summer’s evening.  

The benefits of polished concrete floors in NZ are numerous, with energy efficiency being one of the more attractive ones. The amount of money you can save on reduced power bills, during both summer and winter, can be quite substantial. When you calculate how much you can save during every season of every year, then the cost of a polished concrete floor can be seen as a long-term investment. A smart one! So, take another read of that expensive power bill, and imagine how much better it might look once you have a polished concrete floor installed. If it’s an attractive prospect that you’d like to discuss further, please get in touch with the team at Concrete Grind and Polish.

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