Paddy’s Bar


New owners brings new life to buildings.

A total transformation was our brief. The old worn out carpet was uplifted. The floor was Ground and Polished using the Diamond Polished Concrete system. The transformation was complete. The results are evident in the photos. The space is light, inviting and adds a touch class.

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    Our concrete floors in our apartment renovation look amazing. They set the whole ambience. Our existing concrete floor was brought back to life by Concrete Grind & Polish. We could not have asked for better service, or quality of job - John and the team were efficient and professional. Thank you

    Sally Dawson

    I have seen their finished product and can quite happily say that it looks amazing. Would not hesitate to recommend Concrete Grind and Polish to anyone. John and Karen are so professional and know their stuff. I never knew polished concrete could look so luxurious. Keep up the awesome work.

    Darryon Exler