Concrete Grind and Seal System

The “Grind and Seal” system is a more traditional “Roll on” high build, sealer coating system. Application of urethanes, acrylics or epoxy’s are applied to the concrete surface after completion of the grinding process.

Typically this system has been widely used in New Zealand over many years as this has been the only option for many applicators. This system is slowly fading out as the “Diamond Polish Concrete” system becomes more widely acceptable as the new standard in floor finishes.

The “Grind and Seal” system is popular on floors that do not need a high specification finish such as garages, small cafes, workshops, factory floors, rumpus rooms or floors that need to be coated to reduce acids or heavy contaminant’s entering the concrete surface.

The term “Polished Concrete” is a generic term widely used to describe concrete which has been ground (or honed) back to expose the aggregate in the concrete. There are two different styles of “Polished Concrete”. One being referred to as the “Grind and Seal” system and the other being referred to as the “Grind and Polish” system or Diamond Polished Concrete system.

The Grind and Seal system is often referred to as “Polished Concrete” however the methodology differs in the fact that roll on sealers are not as durable as the Diamond Polished Concrete system. (See DPC system explained in our products list.) Roll on sealers typically suffer from discolouration, delamination and scratching.

The Grind and Seal system is often used on external concrete patios and courtyards with the addition of an antislip additive to reduce the slip factor. The “Diamond Polished Concrete “system cannot be used externally if exposed to moisture or water.