Diamond Polished Concrete “DPC” System

(Grind and Polish system)

With increased demand around the world to improve the performance and durability of concrete, make it more attractive as a flooring solution and give clients additional flooring options the “Diamond Polished Concrete” DPC system has been designed to achieve these types of results.

Advances in Concrete technology, chemicals, diamond tooling’s and methodologies, the industry has seen a dramatic swing towards Diamond Polished Concrete surpassing the need to apply soft roll on sealer coating systems.

The DPC system does rely more heavily on the correct manufacture, composition and placement of the concrete to achieve higher standards of finish. We are more reliant on the quality of the floor slab to achieve a high end result because we are mechanically polishing the surface of the concrete to achieve our result rather than rolling on a high build sealer coating system to cover the concrete surface.

In short the DPC system is a combination of different materials to produce a product that is very durable, hard wearing, near scratch resistant with a very attractive decorative finish.

It does away with the need to use roll on sealers such as urethanes, acrylics and epoxy’s. These roll on sealers do suffer from discoloration, delamination and have low abrasion resistance levels or are easily scratched.

The process of polishing concrete is very involved from an applicators perspective. The skill sets of the applicators is much more advanced, the machinery, diamond tooling technology and advances in the correct use of the densifiers is essential to achieve attractive and high performance floors.

Our service includes discussions around what type of finish you want to achieve. We have a small show room in Kumeu with samples to create a specification for your floor.

We have specifications and information sheets (Fact Sheets) available for the correct placement of the concrete slab, composition and methodology.