Concrete Makeover: Turning Dull Floors into Dazzling Statements

20200715 142612

20200715 142612

New Zealanders have a growing appreciation for the art of refurbishing concrete floors, both in homes and businesses. Over time, concrete surfaces can lose their charm, plagued by cracks, stains and a dull appearance. Yet, there’s a solution that’s gaining momentum: the grind and polish method. This technique isn’t about covering up flaws; it’s about transforming tired floors into stunning focal points. 

By meticulously grinding away imperfections and adding a polished finish, these surfaces undergo a remarkable revival, becoming sleek and elegant. But it’s not just about looks; it’s also about sustainability. Refurbishing concrete floors means making the most of existing materials, rather than resorting to resource-intensive replacements. This approach is catching on across New Zealand, where home and business owners are realising the value of breathing new life into their spaces, for good looks that are long lasting.


A Personalised Approach


Every concrete floor is different, and refurbishing them is a meticulous process that begins with assessing the condition of the surface. Whether marred by cracks, stains, or simply dulled by age, each imperfection presents an opportunity for renewal. At Concrete Grind & Polish we love the challenge of meeting the distinct needs of each client and space and are very proud of the many makeovers we’ve implemented in New Zealand homes and businesses.

One of our clients, Kumeu Gym, was a thriving, successful business in West Auckland. In August 2021, the region was hit with devastating floods. Kumeū Gym’s owner, Cassandra Keegan, watched on a security camera as the car park and flooring of her gym were lifted by an inundation of water. When the flooding subsided, the floor was covered in inches of mud. The facility had to be completely stripped back to the very basics. Television news footage showed the gym’s sodden carpets being removed by a digger.  

Out of the horrible devastation came an opportunity. Concrete Grind and Polish were engaged to thoroughly transform the concrete floor that had been lying unloved beneath the old carpet.

Using our Diamond Polished Concrete flooring system resulted in a magical metamorphosis. The elegant diamond polished look is achieved by grinding the concrete back to expose the stone. Once the grinding is complete, the concrete is hardened with a densifier that reacts with the cement to strengthen it. This densified surface is then polished for a sleek, glossy sheen. A penetrating sealer is then applied to protect the new look from stains. The surface is then burnished to remove any surface contamination. Finally, it is ready to be admired and gushed over by all who see it.

Kumeu Gym’s revitalised concrete floor is now a lot more durable, and should the worst happen with more flooding in the future, it will stand up to water a lot better than carpet. The floor is low maintenance and easier to keep clean from all that sweat! The beautiful reflections that leap off the floor’s surface also improve the interior lighting.

Thanks to a stunning new polished concrete floor, Kumeu Gym’s good looks now envy those of the gym’s super-fit clients.


Expert Insights and Advice


If Concrete Grind and Polish’s past projects have inspired you to think about what’s possible at your place, here are a few things the experts would like you to consider first. Properly assessing the condition of the concrete you’d like to polish and addressing any underlying issues, such as cracks or unevenness, lays the foundation for a flawless finish. You also need to be clear about the desired outcome in terms of stone exposure levels and gloss levels.

Selecting the right colours and finishes can significantly impact the overall aesthetic. Neutral or natural tones create a timeless appeal and complement most interior styles. And remember, regular maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and longevity of polished concrete floors. Simple tasks like routine cleaning and periodic reapplication of sealants can prevent stains and protect against wear and tear.

Concrete may have a reputation for being grey, dull or industrial but the reality is far from it. Concrete Grind and Polish offer endless possibilities for customisation, allowing for sleek, elegant surfaces that rival traditional flooring materials in aesthetics and durability. Polished concrete requires minimal upkeep and maximum longevity, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for residential and commercial spaces. 

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